Third Party Reviews

Elisa D. | November 30, 2018 |

"Super friendly. Daljit is awesome. Really listens to the clients request."

Hiwalani C. | November 14, 2018 |

"Holy Update Batman. We tried to give this place another chance. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Don't come here. They will over charge you. Then, they will claim they don't know how to process refunds and come back another day. Been back three times. The first time, manager was not there to process refund. Next times, the registers were broken. Apparently they only take cash most days because the register is broken ALL THE TIME. Something tells me these "stylists" pocket the cash. Hey owner, time to audit the books. Please stay away. On top of stealing your money, you will not get satisfied with your haircut. Hey Sport Clips owner, pay attention. I don't know if you like your stylists turning people away because that's what they're doing. Check your cameras. I walked in at 4:13 today. I'm in your store as I type. Dawn greeted me as I walked in and greeted me with "it's 4:13, your looking at a 45 minute wait"- not hello, not hey welcome... Those were the first words out of her mouth. I looked around, two people ahead... I call her bluff and say, it's okay we can wait. I can feel her irritation. You currently have two people working. A father comes in at 4:16 and she says, as he opens the door, " it's 4:16, there's a 45 minute wait and we close at 5" - he gets the hint and leaves. I'll update this an a few minutes. edit 4:22: Rose just came up and greeted us and was very sweet. Rose 1, Dawn 0"

carlos escobedo | August 30, 2018 |

"Scheduled appointment online for 7pm when I arrived I'm told that there closed"

Daniel Hudson | August 31, 2018 |

"Beware! The owners change the operating hours without updating the franchise website or google maps. Being from out of town, I took a Lyft over there. Upon reaching the door I see that I have arrived just moments before the new closing hours. The stylist is kind enough to cut my hair, however she says that she will be unable to wash my hair because of the time. (Have you ever been unable to wash your hair after a haircut? The just-cut hairs get everywhere, even inside your shirt collar. It’s frustrating.) I like Sport Clips because of the hot towel and wash. Usually I think nothing of ordering a Lyft or Uber to go to the nearest one when I am out of town. But without the wash and hot towel- I might as well go to their competitors. It would have saved me the $30 in round-trip expenses. Specially when, like today, there is another franchise only a block away from my hotel."

Glenn D. | August 28, 2018 |

"If you want to be treated horribly then this Sport Clips is for you! I arrived at 11:40am on a Saturday and there were lots of people waiting. Rose told me it would be an hour wait. I said OK I will come back. I arrived back at 12:35pm and most of the waiting people were gone. The woman at the desk said she was going to take a kid before me when I asked if it was my turn yet. She took my name and said I was not in the computer. I told her Rose took my name down. She said Rose was on a break even though I just saw her cutting someones hair just moments before that. I had to go in the back to look for Rose who admitted that she talked to me and admitted that she did not put me in the computer. I said I was not being treated fairly and demanded to be put in my original place in line. The woman at the desk asked me if I wanted to be put in the computer. I told her that I wanted to be put in the computer from 1 hour ago. I told her either treat me fairly or I will never come in here again. I have been going there for a long time (years). They didn't care about me or my business. They didn't care that Rose admitted to talking to me or that I had a place in line from an hour ago. They looked at me as if I was non human and did zero to fix or acknowledge the problem and they let me walk. I called the corporate office asking for some reasonable resolution and they said that the owner would call me. Of course that did not happen. Keep in mind that I was a long time customer and this is the way they treated me. How will they treat a new customer? Again, if you want to be treated poorly then this Sport Clips may be for you!"

Brian C. | August 28, 2018 |

"My son and I have been going there since they first opened. We have also referred lots of ppl there!! Not sure what has happened recently but several times we have come lately they only had one stylist working and their wait was at least an hour and a half or more. Also new stylists every time we go there!! Last Sunday I went in after going in the day before (again only one stylist) with my son and I for cuts. My son went first and I told the stylist the basic info but also said all of the info was in the computer. After a good half hour I noticed his hair cut was not even close. I talked to her again and asked if she was blending his hair on the sides and she said yes, I also said are you also cutting his hair around his colic as in the notes so his hair doesn't spike up and she said yes. Another 15 plus minutes go by and I had the same questions for her and got the same answers. This time the other stylist went over to help. I went up again and told her it's still not right!! 5 minutes later a third stylist stepped in and said I was wrong that the lady was cutting his hair right! I said no other person there has cut it wrong before! I told them to stop because my sons school pics were the next day and it was only getting worse and her response was to have the lady cut his hair even shorter. My son always got his hair cut with a #1 clipper and a nice clean blend on the back and sides. He normally spiked his hair in front messy land the top by his colic layer cut so his hair would lay down nice. My 13 year old told me later the stylist never even looked at the info in the computer which all the previous stylists normally would print out. She also told my son that his dad wasn't listening to her! At that time I told them we were done!!! The lady gave me the owners name and said to contact them during the week. I'll never go back!"

CC 3. | August 04, 2018 |

"Who owns this franchise? This is a revolving door of hairstylists that can only indicate two things. The company treats its employees like dispensable minimum wage dogs, or the owner treats them like ______! As a rather loyal customer to the chain I have lost all hope in it and I refuse to blame it on the stylists. This is corporate ineptness and marketing cult behavior. On my last visit 3 weeks ago I stood in the doorway waiting almost 20 minutes for a cut while there was not one other customer in the joint. As I occupied myself patiently on my phone 2 hairstylists listened intently but terrified to the 3 corporate managers and the owner lecture them on "best practices". How the MVP up-sell was crucial to the business profits and conditions of their employment. Both staff members nodded in hesitant agreement to the scripted blabber while occasionally glancing over at their one and only customer. Everyone could clearly see me waiting, getting progressively agitated. I finally decided I had enough after 20 minutes and proceeded to leave. One of the Clippie Clan in matching logo shirts and clipboard asked me if I needed a cut to which I simply replied, "Sorry, rcustomers come first and clearly you are the ones not paying attention". By the time I got to my car the owner (?) ran out and offered me a free haircut. Unfortunately much too late."

Paul Waters | July 27, 2018 |

"Not enough peopl to cut hair. Do not go here at 20 min to close they send you away"

David Q. | July 28, 2018 |

"It's a nice place to go and get the basic men's haircut as that's what they usually do at these places that have a brand name logo. They got lot's of sports channels playing on their television sets while your either waiting or getting the haircut. They wash your hair and rinse it out. Not sure about women getting a haircut unless they are into getting a short haircut style like the men who does get that certain look style. They will take you with and without an appointment. I was given free cards to pass out to recommend the one who had cut my hair and yes I liked it, even that I wanted more shorter, but they didn't have the machine to do so. You will get a free haircut after so many going back to the same person who had cut it for you. The haircuts prices are so and so reasonable if you earn a lot of money and willing to spend for all the things that they do for the haircut you want while wanting to watch your sports channels as they will change it to your current sports your into.. That's right, you won't miss a football or baseball game as all you got to do is ask if they can put your current play game on their television sets and just enjoy it while you are waiting until called or getting the haircut ."

Jay T. | July 26, 2018 |

"I've been in this store for about an hour. I walked in around 4pm and there was one customer with one stylist. The second stylist was not available - nor did I know anyone else was here. After the stylist who greeted me finished with her customer she then alerted myself and the gentleman before me that she would be leaving. There had been one check-In online ahead of the one person waiting and myself - he didn't show up until 15 min after 4. They put him in front of me. The stylist that was unavailable who I never saw was apparently with a customer working on a fade that took over a half hour. I never heard them and was very confused as to where they were for about 40 min? If it takes her that long to work on one persons fade than I can't imagine how long it would take her to cut my hair let alone the dude in front of me. The stylist that is currently working is carrying on a conversation and is taking her time and the stylist who greeted me continues to tell myself and everyone that she's working off the clock to assist. The customer who is in front of me, Timothy, checked in online at 3:45pm. Only one person was with the current stylist since that time. This is a waste of my time and everyone else's time. It's now 5:05 pm. A mom and her son that came in after me already walked out before me. I've decided to leave."